Dimension Suite Version 3.0 Pricing Guide

Single User

Single User Dimension Suite is ready to go with no other requirements to use. Simply download, install and enjoy.

A full description of each module can be found here.

Pricing for Single User is as follows:

Contact $49.99

Donor $99.99

Member $99.99

Camper $99.99

Support $99.99


Multi-user (2 - 9 Users)

Multi-user Dimension Suite requires that you have a copy of FileMaker Pro 12 installed on your computer.

Multi-user Dimension Suite is intended for organizations who require multiple users to access the same information simultaneously. 

Pricing for Multi-user is as follows:

Contact $74.99

Donor $149.99

Member $149.99

Camper $149.99

Support $149.99


Do you need pricing for 10+ users? Please contact us.



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