Member 3.0

FileMaker Pro based software solution for membership management


Member 3.0 allows you to professionally administrate your membership data. Regardless of your organizational structure; unlock the data potential in any team, group or association. Member 3.0 is much more then simply a management tool, it is the means for further member retention and ultimate future growth.


Much of a given organization's time is spent managing its many members. From documenting known associations to updating side notes and important notes, membership management requires a proper system to effectively track and administer continuously changing data.

In amalgamating your membership data and utilizing a system that is updated, you are able to better serve your community and increase overall membership satisfaction.


Forget having lists in various locations or mediums. Forgo reliance on memory systems and welcome to Dimension Suite, Member 3.0; in having all your members in one system, you create simplification and standardization in having one point of reference for all means of communication.


Effectively being able to manage and standardizing your membership operation will lead to increased efficiency. Such value can result in future resources being allocated to further meet the needs and demands of your membership base.









Acknowledge Membership
Payment Instantly

Use email or letter templates to create professional acknowledgment and attach your receipt.

Controlled Editing of Transactions

Special access privilege can be set for editing transactions.

Instant Access to
Campaign Information

Dynamically update your campaign dashboard with membership transaction.

Search With Ease

Unlimited search capabilities at your finger tips.

Export to Excel

Use the power of Excel to further your analysis.

Export to PDF

Share your reports easily and securely by e-mail and over the internet.

Share on a Network

Enhance your collaboration power and risk management.



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