Contact 3.0

FileMaker Pro based software solution for managing your contacts


Contact 3.0 is a professional tool with a flexible, customizable and intuitive interface to optimize, share contact information and track various interactions across the organization.


Intimately knowing the people and the organizations you are dealing with on a daily basis is a very important factor to the success of your mission and attaining your organization's objectives. Contact will make sure you don't miss a beat. Storing and classifying your information is just a start. By tracking all types of activities (emails, letters, meetings, conversations) and attaching pertinent documents to your notes in any format, you can optimize your relations and minimize missed opportunities.


Contact will be your tool to create a business process for contact management. Used in a network environment contributors could collaborate on building your information system and define the workflow for tracking activities.


More database power is available to you. You can customize most of the field headers and drop down values in the system. Moreover, 100 fields are at your finger tips to track additional information you deem pertinent to your organization.


 $49.99 for Single User, and $149.99 for Multi-user (2 - 9 users)



Customizable Fields

Most of the fields in the database are customizable to make the system work the same way you do. You can also add an additional 100 fields to your system.

Private or Public Notes

Create notes or track interaction with your contacts. Keep your notes private or share them on the entire network.

Link People to Organizations

Each person could be linked to two organizations, people can be grouped into specfic relationships.

Various Export Options

Export to Excel to further the power of analysis or to PDF to easily and securely share reports.

Network Sharing

Enhance your collaboration power.

Attach Documents

Attach up to 5 types of files, from JPEG to PDF, to any note. Use this feature to attach particular documents with your contacts.

Custom Notes

Custom notes allow you to place side information as either public notes, for everyone to see or private notes, only for your personal access.


Ability to e-mail for individual record or group from within contact system. template usage. Ability to note track, html.

Letter Wizard

Produce group e-mails and track such communication in a matter of minutes. Create your letter templates to enhance your productivity.

Imbeded Google Maps

Contact comes preloaded with an imbeded Google Map application, allowing you to instantly unlock the power of Google when searching for locations and points of interest.

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