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At Dimension Suite, we believe in creating powerful, professional grade products that deliver. We believe that true choice is getting exactly what you want from any given set of options. We do not believe in alternatives or compromise. We believe in true choice at a great price.

In a world driven by pre-packaged and all-in-one solutions, we strive to design a product that restores true choice to the market. We design products that enable anyone to select exactly what they expect from their software solutions.

Every Dimension Suite module follows our core value and firm belief in true choice. Every solution has limitless customization capabilities, from custom field names to specific user generated reports, all in order to ensure you have the power to make Dimension Suite your perfect solution.

Best of all, Dimension Suite features straight-forward pricing on all our products. We have one great price, not a series of monthly subscriptions or complex pricing based on users, data or needs. Dimension Suite starts at $49.99 per solution. One great price for a great product.

Welcome to Dimension Suite. Welcome to true choice.




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Suite 215
9148 - 23rd Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6N 1H9


1.780.425.6905 ext 232
Available M - F 9:00 - 17:00
Mountain Standard Time 


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