Camper 1.0

FileMaker Pro based software for Camp Activities 


Camper 1.0 is powerful tool designed to provide camp managers and organizers the technology to plan, monitor and analyze various camp activities.


Safety of camp participants and staff is and will always a top concern for camp planners and organizers. Camper 1.0 from Dimension Suite allows you to store participant and staff medical information including history, allergies, activities, medication description and usage, special needs and doctors' details. Never be caught off-guard again!

Furthermore, Camper offers an important tool to help you to describe in details all campsite features and amenities that surround it. Having such features ensures camp management and staff are adequately informed about campsite environment and offerings. These tools diversify and optimize the usage of the campsite environment while providing the proper information required to establish a safe environment.


Camper is the perfect tool for ensuring properly planned camp activities. It allows you to distribute a PDF application to your customers and flow camper and staff personal, dietary needs, special care and medical information directly in your database. This enables you to minimize data entry and improve accuracy and consistency. Repeat customers will appreciate the pre-filled application.


Participants will always appreciate a well run and planned camp activity. Camper enables you to plan camp activities and include information you need for a successful outcome. This could include: activity type, description, date, preparation required and more. An activity calendar could be generated for management or distribution.

The benefit to being organized is evident: your staff knows the details of each activity, how to prepare and what to expect. Most importantly campers will have a successful and safe experience.






Campsite Features
and Amenities

Enter pertinent information that describe the details of the campsite feature.

Campsite Map

Attach a map to an email for sharing and distribution.

Campsite Accommodations

Provide relevant information detailing each unit and its features.

Search With Ease

Unlimited search capabilities at
your finger tips.

Export to Excel

Use the power of Excel to further
your analysis.

Export to PDF

Share your reports easily and securely by e-mail and over the internet.

Email Report

Easy way to share your reports.

Share on a Network

Enhance your collaboration power of risk management.



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